Theatre Project

Checked Out

'We have a curtain wherein you can see all kinds of creatures. Or.. they’re sort of.. they’re not clear figures, they’re more like stripes. If I look at it long enough, I can count the amount of creatures I see. My record is twenty-two.. Twenty-two creatures. That’s a lot right?' From: Checked Out, p. 3.
Two girls meet each other in an unknown space. They go here when they want to feel safe, but even here they can't escape from the outside world. Running away from what they're going through is the only way to survive, at the same time it keeps them trapped in a vicious circle. Everything changes when the outside world comes crashing in and one of the girls is forced to acknowledge what's happening to her.

Checked Out is based on experiences of four women with sexual violence, domestic violence and dissociation. The performance shows how they managed to survive the violence, but also how their coping mechanism back then still has an influence on their lives now. With the important question: was dissociating from the violence, with all the problems attached to it, worth it?

The performance can only be seen in the Netherlands at this time. However, if we're going abroad, we'll let you know! If you'd like to work together regarding Checked Out, you can send us an e-mail to