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About Our Survivors' Blog

There is a lot of secrecy surrounding rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. People would rather not talk about them. But if these subjects stay hidden, perpetrators will keep having a lot of power over victims. Because nobody should feel ashamed about having been vicitmised, and because their story should be told, the blog The Unspoken Spoken - Survivors' Blog was created. In hopes of helping other survivors, and making it easier for people to talk about these subjects. Speaking out is truly liberating and by talking about it, we're taking our power back.

Main blogger:

Fenna Vlekke

Fenna started writing poems and stories when she was about twelve years old, after a teacher told her she liked the way she wrote. At fifteen, she decided to participate in the competition Dicht Slam Rap in Boxtel, the Netherlands. She won the public price and two poems were published.
At sixteen she started singing in the band Asthenia. She wrote lyrics and was able to practice writing a lot. After four years the band broke up and she stopped writing because of a writersblock. After a year she started writing again.
When she decided to start again, she was also busy healing from traumatic experiences. She soon realised that her new poems and lyrics were much stronger than before, because they were much more personal. During this period, she also decided to write some songs with a guitarist, and also created this Youtube video. She came to see that people who had experienced similar traumas, could benefit from her poems and lyrics. This is when she decided to write more about subjects as rape, sexual assault and domestic violence and created The Unspoken Spoken - Survivor's Blog.
When she was studying Theatre, she learned a lot about the structure of theatre performances and texts. She also finished a minor called Criticism in Journalism and did some volunteer work as a critic at a webmagazine ( During her internship as a director's and production assistant for Theater RAST, she developed the idea to write her thesis about theatre texts based on interviews.
As part of her thesis, she also wrote a theatre text herself. This text is about the subject of dissociation in the context of sexual abuse. She's now working on a project involving this text. More information will follow.

Blog posts written by Fenna:

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Regular bloggers:


Adryelle is an electronic dream-pop musician and songwriter from Baltimore, MD (United States) with a passion for writing. She started writing small books in elementary school, and poetry in her teens. When she learned to play music she would use the poems and lyrics for her songs. Being a sexual abuse survivor herself, she is passionate about using her talents and gifts to help others in their healing journeys.

Blog posts written by Adryelle:

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Twitter: @adryelle
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Lauren von Bernuth

As a survivor of sexual assault herself, Lauren found healing through writing. Writing provided catharsis. Reading fellow survivor stories provided a community. She believes the sharing of these stories is crucial to remedying the sense of isolation and shame that survivors carry. She recently moved to Los Angeles with the intention of helping fellow survivors and spreading awareness of sexual assault, mental health and gender issues. With her background as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry she looks forward to many creative ways to do so. 

Blog posts written by Lauren:

Country: United States
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Twitter: @FacetoFaceLA

Harriet Morris 

Harriet Morris is an eating psychology coach, writer and speaker who uses her own experience of moving beyond sexual abuse to empower others. She specialises in helping people use eating issues as a doorway to change their life. She is the author of several Amazon books on eating issues, including 'Shapeshifting Inside and Out: Shed Your Unwanted Weight and Reclaim Your Life' (out in October 2014) which recounts how she dismantled her compulsive behaviour around food by reframing and healing her past.

Blog posts written by Harriet:

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Painting by A New Self Written

A New Self Written is a woman in her forties. She works at a national level in public sector policy development. She blogs anonymously. Because of her own experiences - she was abused by a family member between the ages of five and eleven - she is particularly interested in the impact of national policy decisions and services provided on individuals. For her the personal is political. She also writes poetry linked to the process of coming to terms with her experiences. 

Blog posts written by A New Self Written:

Country: United Kingdom
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Twitter: @anewselfwritten

Satomi Brown

After coming out of and healing from an abusive marriage, as well as witnessing domestic violence during her childhood, Satomi always felt that she was called to do something greater than just existing in this world. Satomi has always had a passion for writing and music. She began writing poetry, songs, and play/movie scripts, as a hobby. She began to take it more serious when her 4th grade teacher complimented her on a journal entry that she had written and encouraged her to join the school newspaper. She procrastinated but eventually joined when she entered 6th grade. She started as a Contributing Reporter and quickly rose in ranks to Senior Editor. This first step caused her to join the school's yearbook club and many other groups, throughout her school-age and adult years, where her writing and other talents could be featured. Satomi enjoys being a mom, singing, cooking and continuing to work on her craft. Speaking into people's lives and seeing people break free from things that may have once hindered them in the past is her ultimate joy. 

Blog posts written by Satomi Brown:

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