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Interview with Abuse Survivor Aisha

Written by: Fenna Vlekke

Aisha responded to our request for survivor stories. She was brave enough to contact us and share her story. She knows how important it is for survivors to speak about their experiences and shares her own story to let others know they’re not alone. Leave her a comment to show your support!
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Fenna: Could you tell me about yourself?

Aisha: My name is Aisha, I'm 26 years old. My hobbies are writing, drawing, music and horses. I used to work at a nursing home, I love helping others, but my PTSD wouldn't let me keep working. I was studying Psychology. I'm in the process of switching schools. My therapist is sending me to a peer specialist support leadership class.

Fenna: Could you tell me about the abuse you've been through?

Aisha: The abuse I endured began with just touching when I was a baby by my dad’s brother. By the time I was six or seven, my dad began molesting me. This lasted for a year and a half. I was diagnosed at a young age with selective mutism, due to the abuse. The abuse would always happen in the car when he allowed me to sit on his lap and drive with him at night, with my night gown on. It's stopped. Then in 5th grade, I would get sexually harassed since I was way more developed than the other girls. In the 8th grade I started babysitting three kids for this couple down the road from me, and the father of the kids would molest me by ‘paying’ me with sex instead of money. It lasted for at least 6-7 months. My friend read my diary and took it to the school counselor. He was arrested and went to court. Then, a few years later, I was raped by a boyfriend, literally in the middle of the road at night. A year or two ago I was gang raped by several men. The cycle continued with different guys that came across my path. The last time it happened, I was stalked and assaulted by someone who I respected. This was October 2013 in my own home.

Fenna: How did you deal with the abuse when it was still happening?

Aisha: I dealt with the abuse by dissociation, eating disorders, self harm and addictions.

Fenna: How did the abuse end?

Aisha: It just stopped one day. Also, I'm more fearful or men, so I'm very aware or my surroundings.

Fenna: Did you get help dealing with your experiences?

Aisha: I've seen a therapist since 2003, and also going to my church and the groups I have in my church help me.

Fenna: How do you feel about the abuse?

Aisha: I've felt every emotion there is, and I still have tons of ups and downs throughout my day, but I'm working on it.

Fenna: What would you like to say to another survivor who's experienced abuse?

Aisha: Even on your weakest days, keep pressing forward! It didn't take over night to become a hot mess so it's not going to take over night to recover.

Fenna: Do you have any advice for people who need help with their healing?

Aisha: Stay strong and step out of denial. Once you speak out, healing begins.

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Written by: Fenna Vlekke
Country: The Netherlands
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Twitter: @FennaVlekke

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  1. Aisha, you are a strong, brave woman. No matter how badly your body was abused, you managed to hold on to enough self love to seek the help you needed. May your brilliant example help others to find their own strength to heal.