Friday, January 23, 2015

Poem: Betrayal

Written by: Fenna Vlekke

Behind this smile
hides a frightened girl
who tries to run away
but her body resists
it doesn’t move at all
now she’s forced to stay

When she looks at him
with her big brown eyes
she knows from deep within
there’s nothing she can really do
there’s no way she can win

Behind this smile
hides an angry girl
who tries to scream out loud
but her voice resists
there’s no sound at all
it’s like she’s not allowed

When he looks at her
with his big blue eyes
she knows from deep within
that he can do anything he wants
there’s just no way to win

Please body, please
just help me disappear
why do you keep betraying me?
I don’t want to be here

Please body, please
how can I ever be fine?
you’re supposed to help me
but are you even mine?

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Written by: Fenna Vlekke
Country: The Netherlands
Social media:
Twitter: @FennaVlekke

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