Monday, July 7, 2014

Poem: Refuge

Poem written by: Hazel Christopher


You lay on the bed in a dank, dark room
In the pit of your stomach there’s a feeling of doom
You can’t hear yourself think over the horrific noise
On the bed next to you, your two little boys

Is this how you should feel now you’ve found your way out?
Fear washes over you, feelings of doubt
You gave up your friends, your town, your house
All to escape, the man you called spouse

What has become of this thing you call life?
When all you wanted, was to be a kind loving wife
This isn’t right, this can’t be fair
You pace the floor in anguish, despair

You jump out of your skin, with each knock on the door
You tremble, you panic, you can’t take much more
Your popping the pills your doctor prescribed
You’re feeling insane - just like your husband described

Yet days turn to weeks and you realise
It’s time to stop living through your ex partners eyes
You’re not weak and pathetic, like he’s had you believe
You swallowed those lies intended to deceive 

One day you awake and throw back the curtain
To face the future of which you’re not certain
You’re feeling stronger with each passing day
The day you left you threw the old you away

Slowly but surely you rebuild your dreams
He didn’t quite break you, you’re just frayed at the seams
Soon a year's gone and your children are growing
You all share a bond that comes from the knowing

You’ve a new house, a place you call home
You feel at ease when the streets you roam
The nightly sobs have turned to long nights sleep
The pillow is dry, no tears you weep

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Poem written by: Hazel Christopher

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